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Dr Benooja Basheer

Dr Benooja Basheer

Specialist Orthodontist Doctor

Dr. Benooja Basheer had an immense passion for orthodontics since her BDS days. She has graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University in 2001 and earned her master’s degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from SRM University in 2010.

Dr. Benooja specializes in treating children with skeletal deformation which includes any problem in the development of upper and lower jaw. She also deals with preventive Orthodontics, habit breaking and growth modification procedures.

She specializes in fixed Orthodontic treatment using different kinds of braces which includes metal, ceramic and clear.

Aligners being in the upfront on Orthodontic practice is also dealt with in her clinical practice.

Dr Benooja prefers to be known as a Functional dentist / Functional Orthodontist as she believes in a proactive approach to avoid any problem is the best way than figuring out a solution at a later stage. The growth modulation treatments correct jaw discrepancies at a growing age preventing orthognathic surgeries at a later stage.

Being an Orthodontist, Dr Benooja finds immense pleasure in transforming smiles with braces. Orthodontics is extremely challenging and unlike the other fields of dentistry you get to see the results probably after an year or so, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Over the years, she has crafted enchanting smiles and gained numerous satisfied patients. She continues her journey in providing the best she can to bring out beautiful smiles each day.