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Cosmetic Dentistry (Australia) Doctor

Dr. Syed Ibrahim graduated from The Oxford Dental College and Hospital which is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

He has been trained under the experienced guidance of renowned specialists in every field of dentistry. After graduation he worked in private clinics as a Consultant. He has attended multiple state, national and international conferences. He is trained in Cosmetic Dentistry under renowned dentists in Sydney-Australia. Dr. Ibrahim with a total of 17years experience in the field of Dentistry is proficient in procedures like restorations, oral prophylaxis along with root canal treatments, crowns, extractions.

He has immense experience from his previous work place at Apollo White Dental where he was the Cluster Head for nearly 10-11 clinics across Bangalore.

His experience particularly in the field of cosmetic dentistry from Sydney as well as general dentistry has helped him understand the intricacies in this field.

His interests lie in swimming, cricket, horse riding and exploring new places. He is a charismatic person with a friendly nature. His positive approach to life and belief that every problem has a solution with the right attitude is what sets him apart.