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High Quality & Safe Dentures

There are some different types of dentures:
Full dentures
Partial dentures
Temporary dentures
Fixed bridges

The process of the complete denture can be conventional or immediate. Immediate dentures are made after teeth removal and the gum tissues start to heal. The process of denture development takes some appointments and a few weeks. Once the prosthodontist determines what type of appliance is best for you. It is the best way to recover the upper, lower, or both arches.

At Dr. Sai Ganesh Medical Center you can get affordable dentures.

How long do denture teeth last?
This is sad, dentures don’t last forever. Even if it is of high quality, it will usually need to be replaced after 7 – 10 years.
When there is a need for new dentures?
Falling out
Could not speak clearly
Harming tissues
Damaged or discolored

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