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Surgical Tooth Extraction

A surgical extraction is required when the tooth has not erupted into the oral cavity through the gum line or when the tooth is broken while performing the normal extraction. Dr. Sai Ganesh is the best place for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai.
 To perform a surgical extraction a dentist need to elevate the gingiva, remove the bone and if required cut the tooth into two halves in order to remove the tooth from the socket.

  • Why wisdom tooth extraction is necessary?

Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary in order to protect the adjacent tooth from decay due to abnormal position of the wisdom tooth; in order to relieve the pain due to the forceful eruption of the tooth into the oral cavity due to lack of space and in order to protect the teeth alignment after the orthodontics treatment.

  • How much time required to remove a wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth removal generally takes 20 to 40 minutes depending upon the complex anatomy of the tooth. At Dr. Sai Ganesh Medical Center we are providing emergency tooth extraction facility. 

  • Why a dentist need to place a suture after the wisdom tooth extraction?

A suture is required after wisdom tooth removal in order to protect the socket from any food debris, to fasten the healing process and arrest the primary bleeding.

  • Post operative instructions

– Bite on the gauze pad for 40 minutes to stop the bleeding.
– Do not touch the extraction area with your finger or tongue.
– Do not rinse your mouth or spit again and again for the next 24 hours.
– After 24 hours use Luke warm saline water to gargle after every meal to make sure that there is no food debris left behind.
– Use ice pack from the outside of the surgical area for the first 48 hours.
– Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or any aerated drinks at least for 5 days.
– Avoid strenuous activity and exercise for 2-3 days.
– Diet should consists of soft, cold and easily swallowed foods.
– Do not use a straw while having juice or any liquid for 48 hours.
– Take antibiotics and mild pain killers as per your prescription.
– Visit your dentist for the suture removal after 7 days of your surgery.

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