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Teeth Scaling & Polishing

Why Teeth cleaning or scaling is important? 

Scaling or cleaning targets more in-depth areas of your gum and those teeth that are not as closely addressed during regular dental cleaning. It is the most common procedure performed on patients having gum issues, those issues occur due to bacteria in plaque. The dentist removes the plaque along the gum line and smoothens the teeth to reattach to the gums. Normally scaling process is completed in a single visit. Plaque and tarter create bad breath and make your smile bad. It helps you avoid decaying teeth and plaque. If you want to prevent periodontal disease teeth scaling or cleaning will guard your gumline which is a strong anchor to your teeth.
There are a lot of reasons people don’t go for normal dental issues like scaling or cleaning, and one of them is the cost but surprisingly the cost is far less than the bad condition developed by not taking a regular dental visit. Gum disease could be so severe that it can lead a person to loosen their teeth.

Where I can get affordable Dental treatment? 

Dr. Sai Ganesh Medical Centre is proud to provide high-quality, affordable dental care. If you are overdue for a dental exam, or teeth cleaning, need to brighten up your smile, or wish to know more about our dental scaling procedure, contact us to schedule your appointment today by calling +971 56 681 7990 or filling in our online contact form.

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